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1.Mard-e- Qalandar ( pious servant of Allah Almighty) late Pir Syed  AkramHussain Shah Bukhari- Darbar-e- Alya Bindhur Tatta Pani Azad Jammu Kashmir.
Over the pastfourteen hundred years Sufis, in keeping with the  abiding universalIslamic message  of obedience  and submission to the  Will of  Almighty Allah,  belief in  Tawhid, (oneness of God Almighty), and  of love and  spirit ofbrotherhood  among human beings; have servedhumanity  without distinction of  class,  culture, race and religion.
For these servants of Almighty Allah and lovers of the Holly Prophet Muhammad Peace Be uponHim (PBUH), love and service of humanity is a fundamental part of their spiritual and  worldly duties and ‘Calling’ in life.
The most prominent of these  Sufi Masters who  epitomise   devotion in the  mission of the Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and who are a resplendent example of  complete  and of totalsubmission to the Will of Allah Almighty,include among many Khawaja-e- khawajganHazratKhawajaMuin-ud-deenChishtiAjmeeri  may Allah bless him, Hazrat  Ali Hujveri, DattaGanj-e- Bakhsh may Allah Almighty bless him and HazratLalShahbazQalandar RAwho spread the light of  Allah and  served the mission of His last and final Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) faithfully particularly in  South Asia.

 Late Pir Syed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari –Rahmattullah Alaih-RA- of Bindhur Sharif was one such   pious soul who dedicated his entire life like his father Sayyid Noor Hussain Shah Bukhari RA before him in submission to the will of Almighty Allah and in service of spiritual and worldly well being of His creation.
A man of peace, spirituality and love of humanity, Pir Syed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari -RA- was born in 1933 at Tatta Pani- (hot springs) in the present district Kotli of Azad Jammu Kashmir.
His fatherPir Syed Noor Hussain Shah Bukhari-RA- migrated to TattaPani atthe invitation of  local people  in TattaPani,  from Mukhand in districtMianwali - then part of British India- now in Pakistan.Pir Syed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari-RA- gained spiritual knowledge and education from his father.
Family lineage of Pir Syed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari RA  goes back to the Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through his grandson Imam Hussain- may Allah Almighty be pleased with him and all his descendants.
Pir Syed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari –RA- belonged to, and followed the Sufi- Tariqas– paths orSilasil- Qadriya, Chishtiya, Suharwardiya, Khizriya and Naqashbandiya. These spiritual Sufi tariqas (paths)embody immense depth of learning, awareness and knowledge of religiousand spiritual perfection that is handed down through generations of Sufi masters and sages of the respective orders.

2.Inevitably Syed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari –RA- gained insights and wisdom inherent in the practices of these silasil or tariqas and passed theirspiritual goodness on to the masses in general and his followers and mureeds in particular
From an early age, consistent with his family’s   duties and responsibilities of serving Almighty Allah and   being a descendant of the Holly Prophet (PBUH),Pir Syed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari –RA- , was imbued with the importance of learning, education, spirituality and a sense of duty inthe service of humanity.
He was of a pleasant disposition, warm personality, soft spoken and from early childhood displayed signs of spirituality, piety and of walayah- being a friend of Almighty Allah.
As a Hakim (expert in traditional, Ionian (Unani Tib) medicine) and spiritual guide masses including thousands of his followersand mureeds, obtained -faiz- blessings and benifet from his God given gift of shifa or cure. He left this mortal abode and passed on to eternal life on 25 November 1968.
Pir Syed Akram Hussain Shah Bukhari-RA- is buried alongside his father Pir Syed Noor Hussain Shah Bukhari-RA- at the dargha sharif in Bindhur.
His funeral prayers were led by the renowned scholarmaulana Hassan Muhammad Hashmi –RA- of Sarsawa district Kotli. Many thousands of mureeds and followers of Pir Syed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari attended the funeral service and paid theirfinal respects and homage to thedeparted gentle and pious friend and servant of Almighty Allah, and theirspiritual and religious guide and benefactor.

The Legacy of PirSyed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari RA:
Pir Syed Akram Hussain Shah Bukhari-RA- is survived by  two sons-namely  Sahibzada Pir Syed Ghafoor Hussain Shah Bukhari, also known as  Pir Mastana Shah Sahib and SahibzadaPir Syed IkraamHussain Shah Bukhari.
SahibzadaPir Syed GhafoorHussain Shah Bukhari has taken up residence in tehsil Sehansa of district Kotli and extends spiritual and worldly benefits to the masses from there.
Pir SyedIkram Hussain Shah Bukhari on the other hand continues the spiritual  legacy and the mission of service to humanity of his father-PirSyed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari-RA- as the sajada nasheen and custodian of the darga sharif at Bindhur.
The urs (annual death anniversary/ remembrance) of PirSyed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari takes plac at Bandhoorshariffrom 24 November to 26 November. The urs ceremonies and activities are attended by followers and devotees of the darga and the Pir khana from not only within Azad Kashmir, Pakistan but also from other parts of the world.
The end of ursdua-or supplication by the sajada nasheenSahibzadaPirSyed IkramHussainShah Bukhari heralds the distribution of offering of the langar.Last day of the urs is exclusively reserved for women devotees and followers who seek spiritual and religious guidance.
The annual urs provides anopportunity for the mureeds and followers in general to renew spiritual vigour and devotion to Almighty Allah and his beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH),and to refresh the need for love of humanity, peace and harmony, and for the care of others and reinforcing and inculcation of fellow feelings among human beings, and to reinforce and revitalise religious and spiritual importance of being a Muslim and a follower of Islam.
PirSyed IkramHussain Shah Bukhari as  sajada nasheen  currently  carries on with  both the spiritual and temporal legacy of his grandfather Syed Noor Hussain Shah RA, and in particular of  his father Syed AkramHussain Shah RA   endeavouring to address  the  needs  of  especially  those who are  disadvantaged  and disposed in  society.
In keeping with the mission of his forebears and in particular of  his father, PirSyed IkramHussain Shah the sajada nasheen has embarked upon a number of   important and far reaching educational, welfare and community empowering projects from the  dargasharif, including setting up of  Al-Noor ( the light) university exclusively for women.
The Al-Noor university project is unique and is intended to benefit the female students of the region in religious, spiritual and temporal disciplines. The project is almost at the completion stages and is considered to be a great achievement of the current sajada nasheenHazratSahibzada SyedIkramHussain Shah Bukhari.
Apart from the university the darga/darbarsharif atBandhoor boastsof a reseplendid and excellent mosque in its court yard where five time prayers and teaching and learning takes place with religious and spiritual fervour and devotion.
The temporal and social needs of the community and the masses are catered for under the guidance of Sahibzada Sayyid Ikraam Hussain Shah Sahib through the Al-Noor Welfare Foundation.
As well as meaning the ‘Light’theAl-Noor prefix before the university and the Foundation is a homage and tribute to the continuing spiritual faiz (blessings) of Syed Noor Hussain who had come to this part of Jammu Kashmir state from Mukhand Sharif in Mianwali for the service of  Allah’s Deen and His creation.
The passing of Syed Noor Hussain Shah Bukhari RA in the 1940s in to the eternal bode left a heavy responsibility of carrying on the mission on the shoulders of PirSyed AkramHussain Shah RA.
Equally PirSyed AkramHussain Shah Bukhari’s death left a heavy burden of responsibility on the young shoulders of Pir Syed IkramHussain Shah the sajada nasheen.

3.Alhamdullillah, PirSyed IkramHussain Shah Sahib  as the  custodian and  spiritual guide of the  darbar sharif has equipped himself well in to the mould of his ancestors to meeting the challenges facing the community in both Spiritual and temporal sphere.
May Allah Almighty enable SahibzadaPirSed Ikram Hussain Shah Bukhari sahib to continue the legacy of his family in the endeavours ofspreading ‘noor’ (light) of love and brotherhood across humanity!